Friday, February 7, 2014

How Bela Koi began...

  Good morning! I am determined to blog a couple of times a week to share what's going on, share sales, new product, and news about the boutique. Today I'm going to talk about my jewelry business Bela Koi. 

  In 2009 I was pregnant with our second kid and going stir crazy. I started tinkering around with some jewelry what not's searching you tube and how to websites for tips on the basics. Learned about the website Etsy and thought I'd give opening my own store on there a shot. I came up with the name Bela Koi. Our son's name is Caleb Bela and Bela Koi had a nice ring to it.  To my surprise I sold my first piece within 24 hours! Long story short the business took off. 

  Making jewelry is my passion- I am a very blessed woman having the opportunity to make money doing what I love. To the right is one of my charm necklaces inspired by Alice in Wonderland. I'm obsessed with anything Alice… 

  Bela La Vie was originally going to be a studio/store for Bela Koi and expanded to what it is now. I hand make every piece and most pieces are one of a kind. I have been making custom jewelry for clients to mark special occasions, bridal parties, etc. Contact me via email at with any questions, or shop Bela Koi jewelry on Bela La Vie's site.

Rachael Caballero

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